Spicer apologises for hitler comments about syria attacks

Spicer apologises for hitler comments about syria attacks

In a speech before a joint session of Congress today, President Donald Trump said he regrets making his inflammatory and inflammatory comments last night about “viciously targeted” anti-fascists, calling the protesters on the grounds that they were using a different name.

“Today, in our democracy, words matter.” he said. “It’s our duty to use the proper name, not the name given to us by a neo-Nazi group, but the name given to us.”

Trump has claimed repeatedly that white supremacists were to blame for the deadly terrorist attacks in Charlottesville that killed one person and injured 20 others in the US city last weekend.

But on Tuesday evening, the president said he was aware his remarks about neo-Nazis and “many other hate groups” were “disrespectful and wrong”.

He added: “The president’s remarks were insensitive and ungrateful.

“I am offended by the tone of his statements,” he told the Senate.

But in a statement issued ahead of the speech, Spicer said it was “irrelevant” whether he was refer우리카지노ring to neo-Nazis, the alt-right, the KKK, or groups like them, and that he did not mean any other group.

Trump has, however, accused the media of spreading “fake news”.

On Tuesday, the White House issued a statement which said Trump “has condemned white supremacist groups who have violently protested against the removal of a statue of the Confederate General Robert E Lee by the city of Charlottesville”.

The statement said the President “continues to unequivocally condemn all forms of bigotry. These groups have no place in America and should be condemned in the strongest possible terms.”

US President Donald Trump stands outside the South Carolina Statehouse (Getty)

“The violence and hatrejarvees.comd on display in Charlottesville, Virginia this past weekend was reprehensible,” it said. “For these groups, it is about politics, not people. The violence and the threat of violence from these groups are totally unacceptable.”

The statement said “in no way” would the adminisjarvees.comtration seek to “politicise” an important national conversation about race.

However, Spicer did say he was speaking on behalf of White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer when he referred to “other hate groups”, and this time, he did not mention neo-Nazis by name.

“These groups use that same name – as do others I know are fighting for the American Dream. The American people deserve