Scots rally against army shake up in Afghanistan

Scots rally against army shake up in Afghanistan

Kashmiri men in blue sit with arms folded during an army rally. ─ AFP

It was a night of unprecedented unity and solidarity, amid an atmosphere of fear as many of the Indian troops were visibly shaken by the sudden change in political situation in Afghanistan.

“I saw our troops sitting in groups, crying. They could barely stand. As the army approached, I could hear the voices of their families begging for them to stay and not leave. We went in and hugged them with arms folded,” a soldier, named in the Indian media as Arjun, told The Sunday Express.

But there were scenes of uncertainty with soldiers not letting anyone speak.

“All the men spoke slowly and seemed to be in shock, while the women went in the kitchen and looked at food,” another soldier, Rajesh, said.

Another soldier added: “We went and talked to people. It was a very emotional time,” he said, adding that it was the first time any Indian soldiers in Afghanistan had returned home from what he described as a perilous journey.

“We will be there for one year, maybe three years to support the Afghan authorities. This is what we can expect,” he said, adding that a full mission of the Indian Army would be announced after the two-month deployment ends.

A senior Indian army official said the Army had a mission in Afghani우리카지노stan for around a year, but it would be only in the beginning of 2018 and its presence would only cover a limited area.

He said the deployment would involve between 18,000-23,000 troops, not including police, army personnel and foreign special forces, as well as some medical personnel.

India had only about 6,000 men in its army back then. “We wanted to send our soldiers here without any hesitation,” said a senior officer, saying it was not up to Afghan authorities to determine who would be part of the army.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who announced his government would be providing a large chunk of foreign aid to the country, said he had signed off on a five-day mission to boost investment in the country. The government has already started selling luxury watches.

The country’s Prime Minister, also known by his maiden name Narendra Modi, on Friday announced hi더킹카지노s government’s $22 billion plan to increase the size and capabilities of the army.

“It is my intention to increase the strength of the armed forces for peace and security through traini더킹카지노ng, eq